Our integrated solution allows you to securely and confidentially know symptom trends and the health status of your employees and contractors without violating their privacy.

We have combined a leading HIPAA-Compliant cross communication platform with the touchless, dual-key biometric Surge Vaut™ technology which has been used over 200+ MM times, to bring you a one-of-a-kind app at a critical time in history.

You need to know when your team is clear and ready to go back to work cranking up the economy again. But our offices and facilities are not secure medical facilities that allow access to the confidential, critical and timely information needed. Let us extend that safe health environment for all your facilities by linking to each person’s verified EMR with dual-key biometric authentication to ensure the all ”clear” message is for that person, and that person alone. No sharing logins and passwords or using another person’s phone.

We must know who has the antibodies or has recovered or failed testing, without violating anyone’s privacy. It is possible.

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Health Passport