Do you ‘know your customer’? What if you’re wrong?

Announcing Surge’s Invitation-Only ID and Age Verification Pilot. While the technology has been used over 300M times for FinTech, we are now customizing the solution for THC workflows including cloud-based ordering and delivery chain of custody.

If your business wasn’t hard enough...2021 will bring increased regulatory scrutiny, especially for established markets. Fraudulent ID use increases underage violations leading to fines and, in extreme cases, jail. Improperly storing customer data leads to cybercrime hacks, fines, and business-closing lawsuits. Delivery not only requires age verification but ID match—order to handoff. And wouldn't it be great if you have auditable proof?

Surge Verify guarantees compliance while eliminating human error, reducing costs, and financial risk.

The Risks of Success

  • “Are you 21” case law proves that the honor system is inadequate for age verification;
  • A new wave of cannabis prohibitionists and public scrutiny are demanding greater diligence and safety;
  • Ecommerce growth increases hacking risks, transaction fraud, and violation exposure;
    Industry growth demands higher standards for privacy and security for underage safety; and
  • Delivery exposes Chain of Custody violations.

Surge Automated, has an unequalled and proven dual-key biometric transaction toolset that can be integrated into POS, Ecommerce and Delivery workflows providing true security, protecting consumers and cannabis companies alike. Not only will it streamline operations (lower cost), it can help eliminate fines by providing financial-grade advanced compliance for the coming national legalization. The technology has been approved for use in Colorado including delivery chain-of-custody. After the 3-month pilot that offers significant ROI, roll out will begin. Be on the inside, lead the consumer with tools that protect the community and their data.