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  • Transaction Fraud
    Merchants in the United States are losing approximately $190 billion a year
  • Security Breaches
    Average cost per PII breach globally in 2019 was $3.9 million
  • Identity Theft
    In 2019 consumers reported losing more than $1.9 billion related to fraud complaints, an increase of $293 million from 2018
  • Compliance - Age Violations
    Selling to minor is a class 1 misdemeanor in Colorado which is punishable by six to 18 months in jail, a fine of $500 to $5,000, or both

We Integrate solutions using our standard APIs serving the following restricted consumer verticals:

We integrate with any digital platform adding a comprehensive identity process that is 200MM strong. We can even utilize Near Field Communication (NFC) to unlock doors and devices. All based on anonymized user data and a selfie, on any smart device, anywhere.

Identity Verification

Technology and consumer engagement intersect with password-less login across all interfaces—mobile and web ordering, secure lockers and vending, and delivery chain-of-custody. Reduce risk exposure to fines and chargebacks with a worldwide AI-powered, facial-recognition identity system that is AML, KYC, GDPR, PSD2, and PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. One solution, everywhere—safe, secure and fast.

Key Features

  • Attendant-less transactions
  • Touchless access
  • Dual-key Biometric security
  • Anonymized privacy
  • API Integrated
  • NFC Enabled

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Surge Vault
Id Check

One-Time  Set Up

Use your smart device or laptop with your government-approved ID and your photo to get authenticated.

Face Check

Rock-solid Validation

Validation uses a liveness check  generates a 3D reference photo plus  35-step AI analysis with secure human verification experts.

Selfie Verification

Quick Verifications

Once setup and validation is done,  a selfie triggers an NFA action for facility access, vending or locker use, or login without a username and password.


The Surge Vault Platform powers the industry's first comprehensive ‘access to receipt’ identity and age verification solution - Surge Get. Our API integration methodology connects the retail systems ecosystem delivering a true enterprise Identity verification solution. Knowing that the customer is of legal age before entering the online purchase process, and confirming the same person receives the product, seamlessly across ecommerce, POS, and delivery provider systems protects you and your customers, while removing hundreds of processing, handling, and administrative labor expenses.

Key Features

  • E-commerce system integration
  • Know your customer validation
  • Point of Sale system integration
  • Purchase limit and inventory tracking
  • Delivery systems integration
  • Closed-Loop Chain of Custody 

Retail Automation

Intelligent vending to a whole new level, providing secure web pre-ordering, 2 to 4 times the transaction speed, low barrier of entry, product and compliance education integration, secondary advertising and marketing, access to the merchandising data, and an ROI of over 175%. Advertising, education and promotional capabilities with onboard 32” screen - closed-loop or broadcast feed capable. Display specials, new products, insight and virtually anything you’d like to communicate.

Surge Spot
Partner Spot
Branded Spot
Corporate Spot
Surge Go
Go Bus
Surge Grab

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Vending Key Features - Spot

  • Hardened
  • No-Drop Delivery
  • Refrigeration
  • Camera
  • Touch Screen
  • Cash, Debit or Gift Card Reader
  • Brandable Wrap
  • Video Education and Advertising Screen
  • Learn how you can grow systematically with Surge.

Learn how you can grow systematically with Surge.

Moble Key Features - Go

  • Moble Multi-vendoing 
  • No-Drop Delivery
  • Refrigeration
  • Camera
  • Touch Screen
  • Cash, Debit or Gift Card Reader
  • Brandable Wrap
  • Video Education and Advertising Screen

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Locker Key Features - Grab

  • Hardened for safety and security
  • Refrigeration available
  • NFC for touchless verification
  • Touch Screen
  • Cash, Debit or Gift Card Reader
  • Brandable Wrap

Learn how you can grow systematically with Surge.

Professional Services

We are changing the way people purchase restricted products by offering state-of-the-art technology, up-to-the-moment data insight with highly efficient and engaging merchandising solutions.

Retail Operations

Merchant Services

Customer Engagement

Retail Strategy

Brand Extension

Ongoing Training

Discover how  Surge can dramatically impact restricted consumer product transactions speed, intelligence, and security.